I have a business, what do I need?

The law requires employers to:

  • Identify all workplace hazards and carry out a risk assessment
  • Implement and annually update a written safety statement
  • Comply with procedures and polices specific to Health & Safety Law

In order to comply with 2005 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act Section 20 and other Health and Safety legislation employers are obliged to produce a Safety Statement in writing. A safety statement must be updated and signed by the Managing Director of a business each year.

Advisors at ASafe Solutions can review your business identifying changes to legislation, current regulations and any other new requirements. After review ASafe Solutions will ensure your business is fully compliant by creating a Safety Statement and other relevant documentation specific to your business and work process.

A Safety Statement outlines steps taken by the business to ensure safety is managed correctly. Asafe Solutions ensure your Safety Statement is specific to your business needs; advisors will observe works on the day of the visit and tailor your Safety Statement as required.

Small Business Package

ASafe Solutions offer a full safety package, we will visit your premises, identify your needs in order to comply with relevant legislation and work towards bringing your business to acceptable standard level of safety.

During this visit ASafe Solutions will observe your work process and reflect this in a Safety Statement / Risk Assessment. We will identify manual handling needs and provide training on the day if requested by management. Our package will vary depending on your business type and requirements.