What is a Risk Assessment?

By law it is the duty of the employer to prevent risks to any persons at the place of work including, visitors, customers, suppliers and sales representatives.

A risk assessment is a written document that records a three-step process:
  • Identifying the hazards in the workplace(s) under your control.
  • Assessing the risks presented by these hazards.
  • Implementing control measures to reduce the risk of hazards causing harm.

At ASafe Solutions we will identify any hazards in your work place. A hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm in terms of human injury or ill health. Risks include work materials, equipment, work methods or practices, poor work design or exposure to harmful agents such as chemicals, noise or vibration.

Once all hazards are identified ASafe Solutions will calculate risk using a risk rating matrix calculating Likelihood X Severity. When each hazard is identified and the risk rating calculated we will implement a set of controls to reduce both the likelihood and severity of risk. This in turn will reduce the risk rating of the task.