Employer Duties

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, (General Applications) Regulations 2007, Chapter 4 of Part 2, outline the requirements that must be adhered to in relation to manual handling. Key factors include:

  • Carrying out a manual handling risk assessment of existing manual handling tasks
  • Organising tasks to allow the use of mechanical or other means to avoid or reduce the need for manual handling of loads by employees in the workplace
  • Providing instruction and training to relevant staff

What Can ASafe Do

ASafe Solutions can offer onsite training specific to your workplace or task. Our team at ASafe Solutions are flexible in order to best suit your business hours, we can arrange for weekend or evening training if required.

Manual Handling Training by ASafe

How often is this Renewed?

The Health & Safety Authority recommend that refresher training should be provided at intervals. These intervals should not be more than every three years. Refresher training should occur where there is a change in work practices resulting in the introduction of a new system of work related to manual handling or new equipment to handle loads.