The Facts

In Ireland, just over 5% of the workforces are employed by the agricultural industry, yet it accounts for the biggest percent of all fatalities, making it the most dangerous work sector Ireland has. With farm health and safety being a hot topic in the media and more inspections being conducted on farms by the HSA, ASafe Solutions can make your farm a safer place. We have advisors that come from farming backgrounds and know what it takes to be both practical and safe.

How will we Change It

Statistics show that farmers will not change their attitude towards safety until a serious accident takes place, this is a statistic we know ASafe Solutions can change. Farmers are extremely practical and with our advice we can make your farm a safer place.

Reasonably practicable is a phrase in legislation which means all realistic controls must be in place in order to reduce a risk. Realistic controls take into account both budget and practicality. Our agricultural advisors can advise you on what is reasonably practicable to put in place and also supply you with the paperwork to prove you have done so. The paperwork will include, safety statements, risk assessments, sequenced procedures and any other relevant documentation.

Do you need it?

Like any other business, an agricultural business needs a safety statement too. A safety statement must be in place where a work place has three or more employees, family members are included as employees. This means that the majority of farms in Ireland are legally required to hold an up to date safety statement.