ASafe Solutions are available to carry out assessments of educational facilities across Ireland. Like all business educational institutions across Ireland must provide a safe environment for staff and students. ASafe Solutions can carry out assessments of your facility taking into regard offices, classrooms, ergonomics, workshops and more.

When we are on site our EHS advisors will audit all paperwork and ensure all documentation is in place and compliant.

ASafe Solutions have a team of EHS advisors all with different skills and knowledge. On request ASafe Solutions are happy to send a member of our team to your school, college or other facility to talk to staff and students about different aspects of safety.

Typically ASafe Solutions are called into schools to speak about safety in the Agricultural sector and construction industry, these talks can be extremely beneficial to students before they leave school for the summer holidays to work in respective summer jobs.

If you have a school or college and would like a member of our experienced team to speak to your students or staff regarding a specific topic get in touch and we can discuss.