Where we Work?

Over the past three years we have grown ASafe Solutions from a two-person home office company to now working on some of Ireland’s largest Pharma Constructions projects with world leading companies. We work with a large variety of industries which conveys how we as a company can cater to many different needs. We work in construction, hospitality, manufacturing, educational, data centres, offices & SME’s. No business or client is ever too small or too big! We have clients all over the country and even clients in Denmark, Munich, Milan and Poland. To name a few we have worked for the Restaurants Association of Ireland, Connaught Rugby, National Parks & Wildlife Services, Port of Galway, ESB Networks and much more.

The clients and work we have achieved in this short time, showcases our excellent standard of work. We have retained 90% of our clients/customers through word of mouth which symbolises the company’s customer satisfaction level. This company is getting bigger by the day, with numerous opportunities to divulge into. We are passionate about our clients and customers and our main goal is always helping people. Health and Safety is a vital part of every business, and every business must be legally compliant. It has been the recent pandemic that has truly demonstrated how significant and how important the Health and Safety aspect is when it comes to your business. You must protect yourself and everyone around you at all times.